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2 min read

Invest In You: Initial Capital Contribution

How to fund your LLC right the first time “Initial Capital Contribution” is an accountant’s long way of saying “seed money”. In other words, the first deposit you make into your LLC’s business bank account. You might run across a few other terms for this step, like “Initial Contribution” or...

4 min read

How is your business organized? How should your business be organized?

You’ve got choices. Let’s help you make the right one. Freelancer? Independent contractor? Side...

10 min read

Tips for 1099’ers: How Not to Overpay Taxes

Tackle tax season like a boss. I can’t wait for tax season!, said no one. Ever. But we at Lettuce...

2 min read

Salary vs. Owner’s Distribution: How Lettuce Gets the Balance Just Right

Reasonable Compensation If you are considering an S Corp, you’ve come across this term and are...

3 min read

How Does an S Corp Help Me as a Freelancer?

Shout out to all the businesses-of-one! We see you. And we know that as a solopreneur (aka “It’s...

2 min read

What Exactly is an S Corp? We’ve Got the Answer

Plus, How it Could Save You $$$ Before we dive in, let’s clear something up. When thinking about...

1 min read

Lettuce's Partners

Lettuce's partnerships power the solopreneur Lettuce partners with leading providers to empower...

1 min read

Lettuce Security

Lettuce cares about your data security. At Lettuce, safeguarding your data is our top priority. We...

1 min read

The Lettuce Guarantee

Your Lettuce monthly subscription comes with our Lettuce-Back Guarantee. Lettuce stands behind our...