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Lettuce's Partners


Lettuce's partnerships power the solopreneur

Lettuce partners with leading providers to empower businesses-of-one. By partnering with Unit for digital banking services, Hurdlr for automatic expense tracking and bookkeeping, Formations for streamlined incorporation processes, and Gusto for efficient payroll solutions, we're bringing a holistic suite of tools to our clients. These partnerships ensure that your business-of-one has access to the strategies of businesses-of-many.

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Lettuce collaborates with Unit to offer powerful banking experiences, ensuring that solopreneurs manage their finances with ease and security. Unit provides customizability and scalability, ensuring that every transaction and financial operation through Lettuce meets the highest standards of trust and compliance.




Through our partnership with Hurdlr, Lettuce empowers solopreneurs with the best in business expense and bookkeeping tools that simplify financial tracking and tax preparation. Hurdlr delivers precision and peace of mind to Lettuce users by allowing them to manage their finances in seconds.



Lettuce's partnership with Formations provides users with efficient business incorporation services, making the journey from solopreneur to incorporated business as smooth as possible. Formations helps you make the most of the tax code and creates the most tax-efficient structure for you.

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By partnering with Gusto for payroll services, Lettuce offers users a fast, accurate, and effortless way to manage payroll. Gusto's reputation for compliance, accuracy, and peace of mind helps Lettuce's offer dependable payroll solutions that prioritize data security, compliance, and user satisfaction.


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